The OPTAVIA CONNECT back office provides you with the tools needed to build and grow a successful OPTAVIA business. The back office features powerful reporting and support tools to manage both your team and your Clients. 

OPTAVIA CONNECT makes managing your business simple so you can focus on what matters most…helping others to achieve Optimal Wellbeing!

At the top of the OPTAVIA CONNECT homepage, you can access:

  • My Account, Manage
  • Your Site

The links to

Navigation Bar 

The navigation bar features the following tabs:

  • ENGAGE - The Engage dashboard is all about managing your Team. This dashboard features a variety of tools to help you stay engaged with your business as you build and grow your OPTAVIA Team!

  • CLIENT SUPPORT - The Client Support dashboard is all about supporting your Clients. Stay connected with reporting on recent orders placed, upcoming OPTAVIA Premier orders, and so much more!

  • LEARN - Features “Just in Time” training that provides you with tailored learning and resources for every step of your OPTAVIA Coach Journey. Whether you are a new to the OPTAVIA Community or an experienced Business leader, OPTAVIA LEARN has education to help you grow every step of the way!

  • NEWS (OPTAVIA BUZZ) - Stay connected with OPTAVIA news which includes updates on products, business tools, events and more!

  • EVENTS - Features details on upcoming OPTAVIA events! Each event provide information on requirements to attend, registration information and related incentives.

  • RESOURCES - Features a variety of resource tools that will help you to achieve success as an OPTAVIA Coach!

  • FAQ - Connects you to OPTAVIA COACH ANSWERS where you can find answers to questions that may come up as you continue to support Clients and grow your OPTAVIA Team.

  • SHOP - Connects you to the OPTAVIA.SG homepage.


To view reporting, simply hover your mouse over the category displayed in the navigation bar then click on the desired report.

  • Expandable/collapsible categories will display when viewing via a mobile device. 

PC/Desktop View  

Connect navigation bar - select the tab