Habits of Health™ Transformational System

The Habits of Health Transformational System is the evolution of the Habits of Health into a comprehensive developmental pathway, which gives you the tools to take full control of your health and wellbeing. The Transformational System includes Dr. A’s Habits of Health, Second Edition and Your LifeBook . This revolutionary new System will help you continue to create optimal health & wellbeing in your life, one healthy habit at a time™.


These components of the Habits of Health Transformational System bundle are available for purchase at S$70.00 (inclusive of GST). Please note that the Habits of Health Transformational System is available for purchase as a bundle and individual components are not available for purchase separately.

The System includes:

  • Dr. A’s Habits of Health, Second Edition (Digital Version) – This is the main book, containing much more detail about the different aspects of the Habits of Health. It reflects on the latest science of wellbeing and outlines important information about nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress reduction, emotional agility and management, and much more. Think of this as the part of the System that lives on your bookshelf – where you will reference it often, like a textbook.
  • Your LifeBook (Print & digital version) – A combination of a guidebook and a personal journal, packed with useful information, tips, and advice to follow on your journey to lifelong transformation, one healthy habit at a time. It’s designed to write your new story, chronicle your first year in building your healthier life, and also document your mastering of key Elements as you become a healthier version of yourself.


Please work with your OPTAVIA Coach when placing an order for the System. However, you may wish to take note of the following additional ways which you can purchase the System:

  • When adding the OPTAVIA Essential Optimal Kit for 5&1 Plan to cart, it will automatically add the System to your order! OR
  • Visit the Tools & Accessories page on the cart to order the System. OR
  • Clients that are becoming a new Coach can add the System when ordering a New Business Kit.

The OPTAVIA Coaching Guide can be downloaded here.