CONNECT: Profile Overview

The Profile section of CONNECT displays your personal metrics as well as metrics on how your business is performing in real-time. *You can also find your Coach ID number displayed at the top of the Profile section.

To access the Profile section of CONNECT, hover your muse over the dropdown next to your profile image. Next select one of the options listed:

CONNECT Dashboard - select the green arrow next to your name in the header to view your profile.

  • Profile - displays your contact information, Core Metrics month-to-date and Business Team Information
    • Core Metrics month-to-date: Real-time reporting on your FQV, GQV, Generation Zero Volume, Ordering Entities and more.
    • Business Team: Features your current Rank, Highest Achieved Rank and line of sponsorship.

Profile Dashboard

  • Activity - displays activity within your organization. This includes notifications on Coaches that have reached a new highest rank achieved, Clients that you have recently enrolled and more.

Activities Dashboard.

  • Volumes - displays your entire volume history for all closed commissionable periods (includes PQV, FQV and GQV)

Volumes Dashboard.

  • Orders - displays your personal order history.

Orders Dashboard.

  • Scheduled OPTAVIA Premier Orders -  displays real-time information on Clients within your organization that have upcoming OPTAVIA Premier orders in the current month. Click here to view additional details. 
  • Line of Sponsorship - Displays your Business Coach and other leadership in the line of sponsorship within your organization.