Business Renewal Notification Reminder (CONNECT)


An OPTAVIA Coach will receive a banner notification when they have 30 days left to renew their Coach Business. This reminder is designed to help independent OPTAVIA Coaches remember to renew their OPTAVIA Coach Business so that it does not expire unintentionally.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. The banner will display below the navigation bar. As each day passes, the banner will update to show the correct number of days remaining until your Coach business expires.

Renew Now banner displays on the CONNECT Homepage with a link to the OPTAVIA website.

  1. To renew your Coach business, click Renew Now in the banner. You will be re-directed to OPTAVIA.SG and required to login. 

OPTAVIA Login Page.

  1. Once logged in, you will be directed to the renewal page.

12-Month Business Renewal that needs to be added to cart.

  1. Select Add to Cart. *The quantity will default to “1”. The cost to renew for one year is S$55.00.
  2. Complete checkout steps and submit your order. Once you have renewed your Coach business, the banner will no longer display.